South West Balloon Flights
Balloon Rides Over Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol, Bath, South Wales, Dorset & Wiltshire


I enjoyed the flight despite being very nervous as I am scared of heights. It was fine as I didn’t have to look down.
I’ve not been on the website recently so don’t know if there’s a warning about the heat from the burner, but I did find this extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable and as I wasn’t directly beneath the small metal canopy it was very hard to escape the heat. As I’m only 5′ 2″ I didn’t feel I could ask the tall man beside me if he would swap places!
Crew and pilot were great. Booking office reassuring. It was a gift so can’t comment on value for money though we did have to pay to extend it from March as the winter weather was so awful. Couldn’t use the website recently.
Overall a great and unique experience, especially as we saw our own house from above!

Patricia Woodgate, 13/06/2014

I supposed you know there were accident after with phone cable and near miss pole also lost it camera. May I ask how did it occur with pilot mistaken ? Could have catastrophe ….

Mark Taylor, 13/06/2014

Fantastic experience..

Anita Skinner, 10/06/2014

Very enjoyable experience and very well organized.Would recommend this company to anyone interested in taking a Balloon flight.

MICHAEL HEARN, 27/05/2014

Well worth the wait as weather was not on my side when booking the dates i could do

Colin Roberts, 27/05/2014

The balloon trip was a delightful experience. The only issue I would like you to consider is about climbing in and out of the basket. At 67 I am not as agile as I used to be and it was quite a struggle!

Kathryn Morgan, 21/05/2014

The flight was spot on.

Terry Davy, 18/05/2014

Wonderful experience! Thanks to our superior pilots Colin & Steve and crew for their skill and whit. Loved it and will recomend.

Can’t comment on value for money as it was a gift. Lucky me!

Hope to fly with you again.
Margaret Fridd

Margaret Fridd, 17/05/2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Very friendly staff. Efficient handling of the passengers and balloon. would recommend this to friends.

clive pantoll, 16/05/2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Very friendly staff. Efficient and safe handling of passengers and the balloon. would recommend this to friends.

Clive Pantoll, 16/05/2014