South West Balloon Flights
Balloon Rides Over Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol, Bath, South Wales, Dorset & Wiltshire


A super flight – very smooth. Beautiful evening. Saw as far as Lundy Island – ***!

Ann Bradbury, 08/04/2013

Several cancelled flights, but that’s due to the weather so nothing anyone can do about it. The balloon experience was fantastic and we enjoyed the full experience from setting up to packing away. Coffee afterwards was a nice touch.

Warren Tennant, 12/11/2012

The flight itself was wonderful – just great to be floating quietly above everything, and to have the reassuring Arthur as pilot, ready to set us down gently in a Devon field.
What was very stressful however were the months prior to the flight, where, with cancellation after cancellation because of bad weather, it was never clear that it would be possible to have the vouchers extended. In the end they were, twice, (thank you), but that took lots of negotiating and emailing. The tricky thing was the long gap between bookings – a month or 6 weeks could go by without a weekend flight being available, which meant that it was hard to fit the booked flights in within the required time. On balance, therefore, I would be unlikely to buy a balloon voucher for anyone else, and that’s sad, because the actual flight was great. Could you change your system to be more friendly? If someone is clearly trying to book the flights, as we were, and especially if you know personal circumstances have been difficult, you could take the stress out by saying a straightforward yes, we’ll extend the vouchers! After all, they have been paid for!

Hope you find the feedback helpful and thanks for a great flight.

Catherine Booth

Catherine Booth, 01/11/2012

The reason I have given only 2 stars for value for money is that although I started off when I bought the vouchers thinking that it was good value, I ended up trying to book the flight around 5 times meaning that my boyfriend had to take 5 days off of work (loosing around £126 a day)and myself 3 days off of work (loosing around £60 a day) meaning that in total the flight sessions has cost us £1030 to buy and in lost wages…not impressed! I know that the flight is weather dependant but we got to the point where we would rather have had our money back than gone on the flight.

Caroline Webber, 31/10/2012

Had a dam good day evan though we got stuck in the mud. Gave as all a dam good belly laugh. Thanks to all at South West Balloons.

stallwood, 31/10/2012

What a great day. Evan though we got stuck in the mud.. Gave us all a dam good belly laugh..Thanks to all at South West Balloons…My wifes brithday treat went down very well….

david stallwood, 31/10/2012

Splendid, thank you. Enjoyment enhanced all the more because the launch site that day was a few hundred yards from my house, on a lovely day (in October!). It was my lucky day, clearly, and a super birthday present to have been given!

K Robert Clarke, 31/10/2012

Had a wonderful time from start to finis, really enjoyed helping to get the balloon ready for flight.

Took off from Bickleigh in Devon and followed the river Exe for a few miles, it was very peaceful and we could hear and see more than i though possible. ascended to 3,000 feet, drifted back finally landing near Butterleigh. Deflated and stowed the envelope and basket, we were then driven back to the Hartnoll Hotel to receive our flight certificates.

I would thoroughly recommend this adventure to everyone.

Giles Edwards, 23/10/2012

What a great and surreal experience – thoroughly enjoyed by both of us.

Richard Thomas, 23/10/2012

What a great and surreal experience – thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. One query regarding the certificate – isn’t someone who flies in a balloon an aeronaut not an aerostat which is a piece of airborne equipment?

Richard Thomas, 23/10/2012