South West Balloon Flights
Balloon Rides Over Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol, Bath, South Wales, Dorset & Wiltshire


The only negative point I have is the plastic glasses for the champagne had already been used before and had not been washed. Also, some passengers only had a quarter of a cup of champagne. Maybe another bottle per trip? Apart form that, very enjoyable.

Perry Dawson, 14/04/2011

an unforgetable flight.all members of staff were very helpful and friendly.hope to be able to do it again in the future.

brian john dibben, 10/04/2011

A lovely and very memorable experience, marred only by the additional fees we spent to extend our vouchers (we had two previous flight bookings cancelled). Vouchers should be automatically extended if a flight is cancelled by South West Balloons.

Simon David, 05/04/2011

Magnificent experience! It was great being involved in getting the balloon ready and packing away after wards. Our pilot was full of funny anecdotes and information about ballooning. Would always do it again

Sandra Hayman, 29/03/2011

It was a really interesting thing to do and great to be able to be so involved in the set up and landing packaway! Thanks for a great trip!

David Keating, 27/03/2011

My Wife and I enjoyed our hot air balloon experience and it was great to join in with helping to inflate it.We felt confident with the pilot and although scared of heights we felt relaxed once up in the air. Should anyone else want to buy it for a gift for us we would be more than happy!

Scott Canavan, 25/03/2011

I thorughly enjoyed the experience, but would have appreciated a little more information about height, the difficulties of flying the balloon, what sort of slope is easiest to land on etc. But all that is minor, as it was all great fun!

Jenny Crossley, 18/03/2011

A truly fabulous experience

michael Hollings, 17/03/2011

had the most fantastic time, great fun helping with the balloon it realloy was magic would do it again soon

jane woodward, 12/03/2011

Fantastic professional everything one could ask for and the flight experience was terrific

Robert Glenister, 08/03/2011